‘Shakti’ – creative energy, ‘Leela’ – divine play


Shakti Leela creates art forms inspired by the texts and practices of a branch of Yoga called Tantra tradition of Tantra.

Tan – to expand, Tra – to liberate. Tantra also means ‘loom’ thus the world is seen as a weave of creative energy.

‘Shakti’- everything is made up of this energy thus all is sacred, and all manifestation is likened to the play of the Divine: ‘Leela’.

We introduce the ancient universal wisdoms of Yoga Tantra philosophy through music, dance and mythology, woven with contemporary aesthetics and ideas:

Myths were clues to our spiritual nature they could help guide us to a sacred place within where we might unlock the creative power of our deeper unconscious self.

Joseph Campbell


Artistic Director

‘As a sacred artist my journey and role is to inspire the recognition that we are all part of the universal creative source. My desire is to create paradigms which empower inner creative freedom, to restore balance and harmony. Shakti Leela brings light to the spiritual traditions of India celebrating diversity in unity. These also recognise the creative power of the divine feminine principles through the enduring forms of mythology, mantra music and dance.’

– Sangita Lakhanpal, creator of Shakti Leela

The creative consciousness in her radical freedom becomes all that exists and does not, manifests the universe on her own screen

Abhinav Gupta, Kashmir Shavism philosopher, 10th century