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Durga Opera – Inspirations

The war episode of the Opera features the following mantra:

Chattra Chakkra Vartee, Chattra Chakkra Bhugatay, Suyambhav Subhang Sarab Daa Saraab Jugatay.
Dukaalan Pranasee, Diaalang Saroopay, Sadaa Ang Sangay, Abhangang Bibhutaay
Language: Gurmukhi


You are pervading in all the four directions, the Enjoyer in all the four directions.
You are self-illumined, profoundly beautiful, and united with all.
Destroyer of the torments of birth and death, embodiment of mercy.
You are ever within us.
You are the everlasting giver of indestructible power.

A couple of years ago I was sleeping and literally jumped out of my bed with this mantra playing in my head! The meaning of the lyrics made this the perfect mantra to be used during the war between the Goddess and the Demonic forces, as I knew it was composed by the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, before going into battle. After recording the album I learnt more about this mantra and discovered that Guru Gobind Singh was a devotee of the Goddess Durga! He would pray and meditate to the the mantras of the Goddess to give him and his army the courage to fight against religious persecution. The mantra thus is used to release fear and cultivate the quality of courage especially in meeting our inner demons! I feel it is an invocation to ultimate power the source of which is absolute love.

– Sangita Lakhanpal