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Shakti Leela: NGO Support

Sangita Lakhanpal and Kapil Srimali created the NGO, Rewananda in 2017. The aims are to empower, educate, economically emancipate, and enrich the lives of underprivileged communities in Maheshwar through a resurgence of the sacred arts of India. The base of our NGO is on the banks of the sacred River Narmada, a place long associated with Pilgrimage, Yoga Tantra and Temple Arts.

Our Centre houses a free sacred arts school for children as well as regular yoga/meditation classes for the local community.

We also offer courses by sacred Artists from around India, these works supports the aesthetic   traditions of Indian Spiritual Art. This enables us to ethically employ men and women from low caste backgrounds who help to run the Retreat facilities, as well as providing the local community free access to the education available from the visiting artists.

Courses are held in our daramsala, a centre for healing and sacred Arts. We are in the process of building an Earth Centre, which will also house courses and events. This is situated on the idyllic banks of the River Narmada.