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Durga Opera

Our debut music recording is Durga Opera, released in 2019.

The Durga Opera is inspired by the ancient and powerful story of one of the most popular forms of the Hindu Goddess.  Durga is a ten-armed warrior and her mythology combats evil and demonic forces in humans that threaten peace and prosperity.

 In this compelling album that combines Sanskrit mantras with operatic music, the gods and goddesses invoke the goddess, Durga, to combat the greed and avarice that has led to climate change and planetary destruction.

 Only a woman of great power can counter the demonic forces of aggression that have taken over the earth.  This is because the demons received a great boon from Brahma – that they will never be destroyed at the hands of man. 

 Durga goes into battle with our inner demons astride a lion with great love and compassion. She shows us the possibility of rebirth and the restoration of peace and harmony in an interconnected world where all beings can live together and thrive.



I wanted to reach out to you to say, Durga Opera is amazing, the word amazing is not enough credit for what you have created!! I’m in love ??? infinite GRATITUDE Thank you so so much! Jai Jai Jai Ma, theses vibrations are flowing through my body and my being✨ Love peace and respect.

Leena Narsai Yoga Art Therapist
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