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Maha-Shivaratri retreat and pilgrimage

Maha-ShivaRatri retreat and pilgrimage on the Narmada River in the sacred heart of India.

A unique opportunity to experience a 10-day ceremonial immersion in a place known as “ secret place of Light”, Maheshwar on the banks of the River Narmada. , The ceremonies will be held daily in ancient temples, on the banks of the River where we will bathe in pristine waters and make pilgrimage to sacred sites.  An infusion of Mantra and movement, Shakti Dance, Yogic Kriyas, Ecstatic Dance, elemental Rituals and silent contemplation all held with Live Music rooted in the integrated non-dualistic philosophy of Tantra.

A 10-day ceremonial immersion to enact the “Natyanjali” worship through Dance.

This is ritualized Yoga Dance, a journey of creative empowerment and flow of elemental emotions (rasas).   An infusion of mantra movement and mudra, Live sacred Music, Shakti Dance, Ecstatic Dance, Yogic Kriyas and silent contemplation. The ceremonies will be held daily in ancient temples, on the banks of the sacred River Namarda where we will bathe in her pristine waters and make Pilgrimage to sacred sites.

The retreat culminates on the most auspicious night of the year in India : MAHA SHIVARATRI- the celebration of consciousness ( Shiva ), the Divine Masculine principle and his marriage with the dynamic Feminine principle ( Shakti ).

It is an honour to offer this unique opportunity to experience meditations and ceremonies in a place known as a Gupta Kashi, meaning secret place of light. The temples, sound chambers and sacred sites located along the Narmada River here are known to be potent catalysts for transformational healing.

Our daily practices are rooted in the integrated, non-dualistic philosophical tradition of Tantra Yoga.

More details on the practices:


Sangita will guide us daily through the practice of “ Natyanjali” and Shakti Dance:

‘geometric dance sequences aligned with the Mythology and Mantras of Maha sivaraatri , the marriage of Shiva and Shakti , (the Divine Masculine and Feminine principles). The Sanskrit mantras and dances for mind/body harmonic alignment, are all paced to Jason’s live dance music. We will also enjoy plenty of free and ecstatic dance within these meditations.

Live Music

Jason will take us daily through daily sound journeys/ music meditations with Indian Raagas, designed to activate the Anandamaya kosher (bliss body). These profoundly healing experiences help to integrate the other retreat practices as well as take us into deep relaxation. Dance music will be played and created live – a fusion of electronic tribal, ecstatic beats and Tabla, infused with the mystical sounds of Bansuri, and melodic Mantras

Mantra Singing

We will use Sanskrit mantras appropriate for the archetypal theme of Maha Sivaraatri. Sangita composes mantras in beautific yet simple melodies, chanting will move from meditative singing to ecstatic rapture with Jason’s powerful rhythms and beats

Ceremonies and Meditations

Our ceremonies will be held daily after sunset in temples and sacred sites along the Narmada River. The elements of mantric Movement Meditations, Free Ecstatic Dance, singing mantras, silent meditation, fire rituals, water blessings, ceremonial feasts, plant potions( non psycho active indigenous herbs which support the prayers, themes and intentions of the ceremony), night vigils are woven together with live sacred music on Sacred Sites located along the River.

Pilgrimages to sacred sites

Along the River Narmada we will make pilgrimages to sacred sites, temples and sound chambers where we will hold our ceremonies and meditations. We will also make a pilgrimage to sahasradara a place mentioned in India’s epic tale Mahabharata, Aum Kareshwar, a jyoti lingam site, one of the 13 places of light located along the spine of India.

Cost and Logistics

The cost of our Ceremonial retreat is 900 euros , this includes all classes, ceremonies, sound baths, pilgrimage tours to aum Kareshwar, and Saharadara, boat trips, healthy vegetarian food  and accommodation for 11 nights (your own double onsuite room, with river views)

Location : Maheshwar, in Madhya Pradesh, nearest airport Indore, we will arrange taxi transfers to and from Indore airport and railway station (approx cost 35 euros for single journey), possible to share.