night cer


Hosted By Shakti leela dance project

Sangita Lakhanpal and Jason Kalidas

Special night dance ceremony & sound immersion –

Sliding scale ticket price: £40 – £50. Intimate night reatreat event – Spaces limted.

Shakti leela dance project invite you to a night dance vigil, exploring the primal and transcendental aspects of the embodied practice of movement.

Journeying into the liminal time of night, Jason and Sangita will hold us in a sacred space of live music, ranging from sublime healing sound to raw beats and bass.
The sounds are woven with rich harmonics, melodic mantra and the geometric healing sound currents of live Indian classical Raagas.

In a held space of ceremony we will traverse the inner landscapes of the subconscious. We will journey into the contrast of form and formlessness through synchronised yogic dance and release into free and raw elemental expression of ecstatic dance.


Through simple ritualised Yogic dance forms we will experience a synchronised geometry of movement using mudras and group mandalas to harness archetypal expressions of SHAKTI.


We will enjoy waves of release, letting go into into the deep grooves of live dance music to allow the rapture of unbound free flow expression. Music : live electronca, driving Live Tabla beats and sung sankrit vocals.


A large Part of the late night will be dedicated to music meditation on live Raagas played on low pitched Bansuri flute over harmonically rich sound scapes and live Tanpura. Raagas are an ancient form of sound healing, working with the essences of feeling (Rasas) for deeper emotional connection and clearing.
We will also take passive deep relaxation into healing sound based on puley on the power of harmonics. Using crytsal singing bowls, overtone singing and hamonically rich sound scapes.

During the night we will share herbal infusions of indigenous plants (local) to support our dance journey. We will rest together in the early hours and awaken with the sunrise for a non obigatry sharing circle.

This offering of night vigil is part of a continuum of traditions practiced by many of our ancestors and indigenous cultures. It is a movement of harmonic re-alignment and a reconnection to the creative source.

The night vigil is inspired bthe non dualistic philosophy of Tantra, thus creating a potent and integrated dynamic of movement and embodied mystical experience.
please bring blankets and cushions 🙂


The program is designed to build up through the night in a wave coming down to deep stillness at the end around 3 am.
Then we will rest together in the beautiful space until morning. Please bring what you need to sleep for some hours ( mat / sleeping bag, bedding etc)
Good water and plenty of hebal teas, Matcha and juices will be supplied.

The program includes ( sequentially);

Plant tea ceremony of mugwort.

Session of fluid floor based Yogic stretching and breathe work.

Guided Mantra synchronised movement, with live electronica music, Live Tabla, Bansuri and Mantric vocals

Sanskrit shloka Mantra sining together.

Free Ecstatic Dance with live electronica, Tabla,Bansuri and vocals

Music mediation on late night Indian Raags on live Bansuri with Tanpura

Sound bath crystal bowls, overtones, vocals and rich harmonic sound escapes.