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Mythical Yoga Workshops

 The Body is the Gateway to the Expanded Self

“Think of the body as full of all pathways to enlightenment.  The body is all deities.

“When you contemplate the body as divinity itself, you find liberation”


Our immersive workshop and ceremonial based work draws from the wisdoms held in Tantric Yoga through the facilitation of an integrated and personalised journey into Yogic mythology. It is for those who wish to explore deeper the archetypes of the Yogic gods and goddesses through the art of Mantra, and Yogic Movement.

This work is inspired by the Tantric approach of embodied practice and Rasa(archetypal emotions) theory.

The particpants follow the flow of the mythological narrative, to receive an embodied experience of listening and feeling with full body presence. The movements follow the flow of ‘Rasas’ (the archetypal emotions) within the story,  through mantra and the sacred geometries of yoga postures, Mudra, and Dance.

This work is also inspired by Shakti Dance (the yoga of dance).