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Night Ceremonies

The workshops, retreats and ceremonies are the immersive experiences. For those who wish to explore deeper the ontological themes and universal wisdoms of Yogic Mythology through the art of Mantra chanting, dance, asana( Yoga postures), and Kundalini Yoga meditations.

In the workshops and ceremonies participants can actually embody the themes and creatively flow with the Rasa’s (archetypal emotions) of the myth. This is an experiential method of full body awakening and listening.

With the components of Mythology, Music, Mantra and Movement we can enjoy the unleashing of inner creative energy and the rerecognition that we are part of the creative source, through these ancient art forms.

Ancient Traditions

The forms of storytelling, Dance and singing have been practiced by many of our ancestors and are practiced by indigenous cultures. The work is thus a continuum of these universal traditions.   Yogic Mythology, Music, Mantra and Movement woven together offer a beautific way of Dancing and Singing our archetypal stories.

We offer Yoga Theatre workshops, performances and ceremonies to festivals, schools, and corporates,

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